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MOUNT BINTUMANI - Three (3) days
Total                                     USD 730
Excluding food and water.
BUNCE ISLAND -  One (1) day
Total                                     USD 380
BANANA ISLAND - One (1) day
Total                                     USD 240
TIWAI ISLAND - Two (2) days

Total                                          USD 530

Note: fee also include crossing of the boat to the Island.


Transport and Accommodation

We can arrange suitable accommodation to suit any budget. We will work closely with you to ensure you have comfortable lodgings throughout your trip. We are also happy to arrange all of your transportation needs in advance. From 4x4s to island boat crossings, we have experience of arranging efficient and safe transport for guests.



Our trip to the summit of Mount Bintumani was one of a kind! 
Desmond is a devoted tour guide and well organised.
Besides his open character and friendliness, his service level is excellent.
Thanks to Desmond we could enjoy this wonderful trip to the fullest.

Floris Loeff, Tribewanted


"Last year, four expats from Europe and North America embarked on the 150-mile journey from Freetown to Mount Bintumani, Sierra Leone's highest peak. Traversing through rugged terrain, including driving through rivers and across miles of unpaved roads, proved relatively smooth with Tour Guide Sierra Leone's air-conditioned Land Rover and master driver, John. With the inimitable and diplomatic Desmond Kodha serving as our guide and translator, we negotiated safe passage through local villages on the way to base camp. Once there, Desmond swiftly assisted us in coordinating our climb to the indescribably gorgeous summit of Bintumani. An unbelievable experience none of us will soon forget!"

-Colin Maloney, United States


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