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Trip to Tiwai Island

Ideal for those looking for a quiet break to discover nature at its finest, this itinerary takes you out of the city and close to nature. Tiwai Island is Sierra Leone’s first community conservation programme and has continued to grow from since it was established. As one of the last remaining tracts of Upper Guinean Congolese Rainforest, Tiwai is a wildlife sanctuary of profound ecological importance and home to over 700 different plant species, over 135 different bird species and the rare pygmy hippopotamus. 

Day 1. You will be transferred to the Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary. You will stop in Bo for a walk through the market and any last minute essentials before setting off to spend 2 nights in the simple camp on Tiwai Island.
Day 2: Spend the entire day exploring the forest with your guide or go on a boat trip on the Moa River. If you’re really lucky you may spot the pygmy hippo if you go on a night boat ride.
Day 3: You have the option of going for one early morning last forest walk before departing after breakfast for the drive to Freetown.
Note: This trip can be done within two days. 


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